The company’s growth continues. Additional new recruitments to the TolkDirekt/InterpreterDirect service increases our capacity in the 10 most common languages on the Swedishmarket. Almost 100 staff interpreters now serve our customers with qualified and monitored remote interpretation services - over the telephone, and video. A new contract for call-centre interpretation is signed with the Swedish Migration Board. A new agreement is signed with the Gävleborg County Council for all of the contact as well as telephone interpretation within the municipal and county council in the county.


The TolkDirekt/InterpreterDirect service grows with approx. 30 new interpreter seats at our locations in Stockholm and Norrköping. Several new governmental customers define call centre interpreting in contracts and specifications. Transvoice wins a strategic contract with a large county in central Sweden. The industry association Språkföretagen [Association of Language Companies] is established, with a view to safeguarding the interests of the industry, and establishing and facilitating compliance with ethical rules and codes of conduct.


Establishment of a call centre in Stockholm, with 30 professional interpreter seats. The capacity of the TolkDirekt/InterpreterDirect service is thereby increased to about 50 full-time staff interpreters in 12 different languages. The market continues to grow and demand for the company’s language services is skyrocketing.


The market continues to grow, primarily for remote interpreting, and Transvoice’s market position is strengthened. Sweden’s single largest purchaser of interpreter services, the Swedish Migration Board,

defines call centre interpretation in its new procurement of telephone interpreting services. Transvoice is awarded the tender as an exclusive supplier. The interpretation services will be delivered by out employed interpreter staff from call centres, in the 10 most common immigrant languages. These 10 languages cover 80% of the Swedish Migration Board’s total language needs.

Customers are generally placing greater demands in terms of professionalism in service delivery, and that interpreters should be available on-demand, i.e. when the need arises.

Transvoice obtains several major customer contracts and continues its expansion.


Remote Interpreting (telephone and video) significantly increases and purchasers begin to understand this by defining new specifications in tendering documents. Transvoice conducts pilot tests for video and telephone interpreting OnDemand in county departments, governmental organisations and agencies with large interpretation needs. The results have been very successful for the customer, in terms of efficiency and cost savings, in addition to maintaining or improving the quality of the interpretation.

Transvoice signs an agreement with SOS Alarm for the provisionof theTolkDirektservice for alarm and crisis interpretation within the 112 process. 


Transvoice is fully integrated in Transcom’s technology infrastructure and receives access to state-of-the-art technology - for example switching systems and datacommunications. Transvoice now becomes a clearer business area organisationally within the Transcom Group and with its headquartersin Stockholm now constitutes the sixth of Transcom’svarious “sites” around the country. A new website and a new profile are launched.

The TolkDirekt/InterpreterDirect service is developed further with more languages and more interpreters, and now encompasses nine different languages, representing approximately 80% of the most commonly requested language pairs.


Transvoice AB and Stockholm Tolkförmedling AB are now under new management and a new organisation takes shape. The efforts to consolidate the various

operations to take off in earnest. New services are developed and introduced, such as the remote interpreting service TolkDirekt/InterpreterDirect.


Transvoice AB acquires Tolkförmedling Stockholm AB. Stockholm Tolkförmedling AB was founded in 1972 and has extensive experience in the interpreting business. Upon acquisition, the work of consolidation and organisation development begins.


The company takes over the municipally run interpreter agencies Boras Tolkförmedling and Västerviks Tolkförmedling, which have been in business since the 1980s.


Transvoice AB is formed with Transcom Worldwide as majority owner.