Right interpreter, the right place, at the right time.

We are quality certified in accord with ISO 9001:2000. This means among other things that we are actively working with our quality management system and continually evaluate, communicate and revise our internal processes.

On a daily basis, we perform a large amount of services on our customers’ behalf, in the form of various types of language services with interpreters and translators. The security around these services is essential for all parties involved. The information which is processed (verbal or written) is to be delivered with great care and caution. What we mean by security is our active work for assured language processing, service, and delivery of services.  

Transvoice’s quality policy must permeate our daily work, and the goals are set established on a key phrase: “benefit to the customer.”The quality ohe fit to the rity is that t l"Uur customers experience is a very important part of our

business. All employees at Transvoice see quality work as both natural and important aspect for a long-term and beneficial cooperation. Our service is thus measured via various surveys and NKUI.  


To have the right interpreter at the right place at the right time.


To be able to provide fast and long term relationships.


To be responsive to our customers’ needs and to ALWAYS deliver a solution.


Offering fast, friendly, competent and confident contact regardless of channel of communication and the purpose of the contact.

Industry Responsibility

In dialogue with our customers and interpreters, to promote the healthy development of the industry.

Stockholm Tolkförmedling is one of the few companies with the highest credit rating in Sweden, which is a guarantee of a long-term approach in our relationships with both customers and interpreters.