Transvoice Stockholm interpreter agency

It is possible to book an interpreter who will come to the place where the meeting is being held, referred to as “contact interpreters.” Alternatively, the interpretation can be done remotely via telephone, referred to as “telephone interpreters.”

Contact Interpreter

Community Interpreter by definition means that we provide an interpreter on site. This is the most common and traditional application with an interpreter and is usually used in interpretation with governmental agencies and offices. An interpreter is most appropriatewhen long and difficult types of communication tasks are present, such as in certain areas of medical care and judicial authorities.

Telephone Interpreter

Many say that telephone interpretation is interpretation in its own element, where the interpreter is to be a voice in communication. Using the help of a telephone interpreter is suitable in most situations, but especially in urgent tasks that cannot be booked in advance, or the context of communication tasks that are shorter or “easier.” Telephone interpreting can be a very cost and time effective alternative to contact interpreting. In addition, with minimum environmental impact.

Interpreter skills and competency

Irrespective of the how the interpretation is delivered, with a contact interpreter or remotely over the phone, all of our interpreters have a solid education and appropriate skills.