Our service TolkDirekt/InterpreterDirect service gives you immediate access to an interpreter. Our interpreters will help you to communicate without the need for pre-booking or lead time, within the most common languages found in Sweden.

TolkDirect is a service OnDemand. We provide a fast, reliable and professional language assistance to our customers - whether you represent a public agency or a private company. At TolkDirect,we work with professionally trained and highly educated staff interpreters. We have both trained interpreters with a basic education (BI) and certified interpreters (CI). They handle assignments in all fields and contexts spanning over health and medical care, law, asylum/migration and many other tasks for the public sector to business interpretation and customer service three-party interpretation. Telephone interpreting service with TolkDirect is a convenient and effective solution for our customers.

You can always rely on the following skills and qualities

  • Easy and quick availability
  • Extensive knowledge of the source and target languages
  • Solid training in interpreting ethics, interpreter techniques and current issues
  • Specially educated and trained for remote interpreting, telephone technology and communication knowledge
  • General knowledge of the matter to be interpreted
  • Guaranteed confidentiality
  • Follows the guidelines of Good Interpreting Practices
  • No pre-booking - access OnDemand