Translation services

Working with translation implies a constant search for the right words. We have many years of experience with different types of translation assignments. Our service is available for public administration, private companies and organizations.

We have a wide network of certified translators and trained translators for our translation services. Each individual interpreter and the translator has his/her specific knowledge of the issues, cultural adaptations, subject areas and more. They all work under Kammarkollegiet’s Good Translator Practices and maintain confidentiality.

Types of assignments

Below is a selection of translation documents and projects that we make possible.

  • Advisory and operational plan templates/ke possible. terpretationsed".ll
  • Community Information
  • Invitation to meetings
  • Medical records
  • Legal documents
  • Certificates and documentary evidence
  • Contracts and other business agreements
  • Marketing materials

We perform both printed copies certification of sworn translation and deliverydigitally.

Layout, design and formatting

We will help you not only with the text and translation, but also with the layout of for instance marketing materials and the formatting of documents –in the file format of your preference. Some languages require typography and layoutchanges (e.g.from right to left and vice versa), a graphic (which we of course can assist with). With the assistance from of professional formatters, your translation will be presented and packaged just as you wish.

If language is your limitation, speak through us.

We look forward to receiving your order or request for a price quote! 

Delivery time
Verification of sworn translator (not available in all languages)
Mark documents in the following way. (Make a note on your email/envelope with any customer number, name and contact details)