About us

Transvoice arranges and administers thousands of interpreting and language services per day, for the Swedish central government, local authorities, public agencies as well as private companies and organizations in Sweden. Our network includes approximately 4,000 interpreters and translators, representing 206 different languages and dialects. We deliver language services around the clock, with the goal to offer the best availability and level of service. The services include everything from translation in various different languages, assignments with contact interpreters or telephone interpreters, to the unique TolkDirekt/InterpreterDirect service.

Our business concept

Transvoice is to be a company with the highest quality, with continuity and professional responsibility to deliver interpretation and language services to the governmental and private customer market.

Our mission

The objective of Transvoice is to be a qualitative, stimulating and fun company to work with and for.

Our vision

Transvoice will help to prompt the situation where the industry develops in a positive way to a modern and efficient communications industry that promotes integration and/or creates business opportunities for our customers and our customer’s customers/clients. The status of the interpreter profession should be raised and the interpreter is to be respected in his/her professional capacity, enabling communication important to the community at large, across linguistic and cultural barriers.

Industry association

Transvoice is a member of the industry association Språkföretagen [Association of Language Companies] and our Managing Director is a member of the board. The intention of Språkföretagen is to work with ethical issues within the industry, and information and lobbying efforts in order to develop the interpretation and translation industry in a positive way for providers, interpreters/translators and customers.